Buyback Initiative
What is the Buyback initiative?

Yu Mei is committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits within our community. With timeless designs that transcend trends and seasons, it is our hope that each customer’s purchase decision mirrors that of our considered and intentional design.

Born out of our commitment to circularity, the Buyback initiative works to extend a product’s useful life through mending and refurbishing. We invite you to return your preloved Yu Mei bags for a credit towards your next purchase. Preloved bags will be refurbished in-house and given a second life, to be on-sold in archive sales.

We design with care and respect for the high-quality Deer Nappa of our products. With a view to maximising the longevity of your Yu Mei bag, proper care for the leather is imperative. Read about how to care for your Yu Mei bag here.


Our Buyback Initiative is celebrating two years of circularity.

Here, are some dazzling highlights of the past 24 months of mending, refurbishing and extending the useful life of preloved Yu Mei.

We have received and refurbished 241 bags, that’s a 77% increase from last year. Of these, 75 have been matched with loving new owners, while the rest were returned to their original homes after a spruce up. We’ve spent an estimated 182 hours mending and refurbishing items that may otherwise have been neglected or relegated to the back of the closet.

We’re exceptionally proud of our collective efforts as a community to reduce waste, divert from landfill and consume more sustainably. Our warmest thank you to all who have participated in the initiative thus far.

Frequently asked questions
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How does it work?

1 – Fill out the contact form below to get started.
2 – Yu Mei will contact you with instructions to send you bag for appraisal.
3 – Accept the buyback offer and receive your store credit
OR Choose to have your bag refurbished if it is not accepted into the programme.

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Why do I have to send my bag to be assessed?

Due to the nature of unique wear on each individual bag, it is imperative that Yu Mei appraises each bag in person. Our craftsmen will examine every centimetre of the bag for signs of wear and abrasion - a process that cannot be replicated virtually. Uploading photos below may speed this process but does not negate the need for in-house appraisal. Deliver to a Yu Mei store or send your bag to the Yu Mei Studio.

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How long does the process take?

Upon receipt of your bag, Yu Mei will assess the condition of the bag including any repairs or refurshiment necessary. You may be asked to verify the date and place of purchase. If the bag is not deemed to be fit for future resale, a refurbishment quote will be generated. This process can take up to two weeks depending on the nature of wear and the time of year in the production cycle. You will be notified with an offer of credit if accepted, or a quote for refurbishment if rejected. Refurbishment can take a further two weeks. Yu Mei endeavours to refurbish and return your bag in a timely fashion, but the nature of bespoke repairs means wait times may exceed this window if specific hardware is out of stock.

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How much credit can I expect to get for my bag?

Depending on the style and condition of the bag, you can expect an offer between $50 - $150 for your used Yu Mei bag. The credit can only be redeemed online at or at a Yu Mei store. Credit will not be accepted by Yu Mei retailers.

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Why has my bag not been accepted?

Acceptance into the Buyback Initiative is at the sole discretion of Yu Mei. To ensure a useful, quality stock of second life products, Yu Mei reserves the right to reject any bag which it deems to be unfit for future resale. While minor blemishes are regarded as hallmarks of the premium quality of the deer nappa, extreme wear or significant damage compromises saleability in cases where refurbishment cannot adequately address the wear. Yu Mei does not accept sample or end of line bags purchased at sample sales into the Buyback Initiative, or any items gifted with purchase. Only Yu Mei bags purchased from Yu Mei stores (including online), or official Yu Mei retailers will be considered. You can find a list of stockists here.

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What if my bag is not accepted?

If Yu Mei does not accept your bag, you will be sent a refurbishment service quote. If you accept this, your bag will be cleaned, repaired, refurbished and shipped back to you upon payment for the service. Return shipping is complimentary. You may also be sent care instructions specific to the style and material of your Yu Mei bag, or recommended specific care products.

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What does a refurbishment include?

Refurbishment is performed on a case-by-case basis and can include the following processes:

  • Specialised leather cleanse to remove superficial marks
  • Water resistant leather coating
  • Hydrating leather treatment
  • Suede colour protectant
  • Reconditioning of suede lining
  • Repair of cotton drill lining
  • Strap replacement
  • Hardware replacement
  • Hardware polish and buff

Some refurbishments are unable to be offered such as scratch repairs, re-embossing and recolouring of certain styles

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My bag has been accepted, what happens next?

Yu Mei will contact you to present an offer. If you accept, the bag will be retained and you will be issued a gift voucher equal to the offer value. If you decline the offer, Yu Mei will offer an optional paid refurbishment service before shipping your bag back to you at no extra cost.

Would you like to submit your bag to our Yu Mei Buyback initiative?