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Club Yu Mei is an inclusive space to luxuriate in the small details. By real people, for real people, we're celebrating our community of fearless forward-thinkers. Here in our digital Club, you’ll find interviews, conversations and notes from the team and those who inspire us. You will also be the first to hear about our series of Club events, from Archive Sales to dinner parties; digital drinks to debates.

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The Conversationalist: Benee Read more

Meet the Team

In our latest series, we interview each other, using questions that leave nothing left unsaid or rather, unknown.

With sixteen members across our Flagship store in Wellington, Design Studio and our two retail lounges in Auckland, the Yu Mei team could also be called a family. Like all families, each member has a life outside of that family, and, with this second life, questions that are seemingly standard may reveal a lot otherwise left unknown.


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Favourite styles from the Team

Shop Emily  Pouch

Mia’s favourite style of the moment is the Emily Pouch, which she keeps inside her larger Braidy Bag. Shop Emily

Suki Clutch

When picking a favourite style Chelsea has always loved Suki. Shop Suki