Spring 20

Spring 20 is a study in red, inspired by the sculptural bloom of the Anthurium, a flower often gifted as a symbolic gesture of friendship and love. We explored the ways various shades of red can evoke different emotions, from passion and desire to determination, prosperity and good luck.

Croc returns in a rich Tamarillo shade while our famous buttery soft Deer Nappa arrives in two opposing reds - Pompeian Red, a bold true hue, and Roan Rouge, a softer, slightly purple tone. Discover the range and find a gift to a loved one or your next act of self love.

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Yu Mei Buyback Initiative

Yu Mei is committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits within our community. With timeless designs that transcend trends and seasons, it is our hope that each customer’s purchase decision mirrors that of our considered and intentional design.

Born out of our commitment to circularity, the Buyback initiative works to extend a product’s useful life through mending and refurbishing. We invite you to return your preloved Yu Mei bags for a credit towards your next purchase. Preloved bags will be refurbished in-house and given a second life, to be on-sold in archive sales.

We design with care and respect for the high-quality Deer Nappa of our products. With a view to maximising the longevity of your Yu Mei bag, proper care for the leather is imperative. Read about how to care for your Yu Mei bag here.

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Yu Mei Presents: From Land to Luxury

Yu Mei was built with transparency and and integrity at our core, we are excited to share with you, our community, the Yu Mei story through our new film, Land to Luxury. Come along on the journey from the backcountry in Hawea to the glittering lights of Hong Kong and back to our design studio and Yu Mei Flagship in Wellington.

We believe responsibility is our duty, which is why we demand traceability records of animals and farmers, tannery processes and manufacturing policies from all hands involved in our supply chain.

We hope you enjoy this look into all that is involved in each Yu Mei piece, from land to luxury.

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