The Georgie Bag

Hey Folks, Georgie and Jessie here.

We're mates from way back when we entered a primary school gymnastics competition together and discovered our surnames corresponded quite nicely - Wright and Wong. Since then, we've channelled our teen angst into numerous high school projects, birthed Yu Mei (Jessie), moved to London to work at i-D and MTV (Georgie), drank approx. 23018 gallons of Aperol spritz (both) and made a bag together, the Georgie Bag. It was inspired by our mutual travel obsession / Georgie's desperate need for zips to stop losing her things.

So we took some very serious travel pictures to demonstrate the Georgie bag's varied and plentiful real-life uses. At the time of launch, President Trump announced his plans to ban travel to the US with his executive order on immigration. As a result, 20% of the sales of each Georgie bag was donated to the International Refugee Assistance Project - an organisation working tirelessly to fight for refugees worldwide whose fundamental rights were undermined by the Trump administration. Mobilising lawyers, law students and law schools, IRAP turn every dollar donated into $10 towards legal assistance for refugees who wouldn't otherwise have access to it. In short, they are bloody legends.

Lots of love, Georgie and Jessie