Fine China at NZFW 2016

At New Zealand Fashion Week 2016, Yu Mei took over Thievery Studio to produce a leather piece from hide to bag to present their AW17 collection 'Fine China'. In a modern world where traditional craftsmanship is so highly sought, Yu Mei brought the
handbag trade full circle; drawing inspirations from the labyrinthine markets of the underground, taking hints of all that is luxury back to our locally sourced and handcrafted materials.

In line with Yu Mei's design ethos that 'simplicity is complexity resolved', the collection saw bags of unobtrusive beauty inspired by all that is obtrusive. The concept was designed to give context to the words 'hand made'. Every process of manufacture carried out by the Yu Mei production team was on display. 'Fine China' is a celebration of the gold-toothed bag ladies of the Orient, who too, possess an utmost devotion to the creation and presentation of understated luxury.