On Tuesday August 27th, Yu Mei took over The Store on Quay to host a special breakfast presentation introducing our Autumn 20 collection ‘MARMONT’

MARMONT is inspired by the famed Chateau Marmont, a grand dame of scandal and decadence. Celebrating its 90th year, the nonagenarian Chateau has far from lost its allure and sparkle. MARMONT sees rich emerald hues reminiscent of the coniferous trees that enshroud the building’s facade, contrasted with acidic lime and velvety cognac. Familiar styles are reimagined in new textures and colourways, with the much-anticipated croc texture a reference to the checkerboard grass lining the chateau’s leafy terrace.

MARMONT is a fun collection not for the faint of heart - this season the Yu Mei woman is both bold and discreet, prompting one to wonder ‘where is she going?’ ‘what does she carry in her bag?’

Special thanks to all who helped make it a success. To Ch’lita Collins for being the most mischievous travel companion and best campaign photographer, Milly Hewat and Someday Studios, Harry Gyde of Some Studio for the ever excellent print work, Kirsten Nagel, Brigette Thomas, Youhan Khosho and the Yu Mei team.

As always, thanks to our wonderful community of customers and the enduring support you have shown over the years.

MARMONT is available in early 2020. We can’t wait to share this collection with you.