Words by
Yu Mei

Styling Notes: The Wellington City Mission Shoot

Seb Hunt and Dylan Richards’ reputation precedes them. After spending four years stateside styling a catalogue of high profile clients including the likes of Kanye West and the Kardashian family, the pair have returned to New Zealand to design their own clothing label. ENTIRE is due to launch later this year and we were lucky enough to recruit them (editor’s note: they begged us) for a special project we have in the works with The Wellington City Mission. In this edition of Styling Notes, the tenacious twosome put their thriftiness to the ultimate sartorial test: delivering an entire (mind the pun) campaign styled only with op-shop purchases. The budget is a firm $300, from which studio fees, a photographer and model must be paid. Can they pull it off?

As it turns out, yes they can. A special thank you to Kingsize Studios for generously lending their studio for the shoot, to Ken Cao for his excellent photography and Ch’lita Collins for being a superb model (not just a shitposter) - leaving the lion’s share of the budget for op-shopping. Here is the beautiful result of their handiwork.

The dedication, you love to see it


Ok wow

Even the BTS pics are campaign-worthy

Chlita showing off her best candid smile

Disorganisation is key

It's called fashion honey, look it up

Chlita the professional

Making the selects

She's got style, she's got grace

If stilettos could kill


Stopping traffic

Swerving 2020 like

Huge thank you to Seb, Dylan & Chlita for their hard and beautiful work <3

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