Privacy Policy

At Yu Mei we work closely with a small number of external suppliers and makers who are part of the extended Yu Mei family.

We consider all of our partnerships carefully and we only work with people who align with our values of regenerative utility and strictly adhere to the highest level of ethical, social and environmental responsibility, helping us to create products which have minimal environmental impact and are designed to last.

Our Code of Conduct as outlined below is a reflection of the ILO standards as governed by the United Nations, and as such is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect best practice. We expect our external suppliers and partners to comply with this as a non-negotiable, and we always strive to do better.

We welcome any questions or suggestions you may have on our production or business processes and values, please reach out to us via Email we would love to chat.

FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND COLLECTIVE BARGAINING - All workers have the right to form unions or other kinds of worker’s associations or organisations, and to engage in collective bargaining. Workers shall enjoy adequate protection against acts of anti-union discrimination in respect of their employment.

NO BONDED LABOUR - Suppliers will not engage in any form of forced servitude, Trafficked or non-voluntary labour. All workers hired will be employed under voluntarily signed labour contracts that are compliant with all relevant legal requirements.

NO CHILD LABOUR - No worker will be below the legal minimum age. Minimum legal age in China is 16 years.

HOURS OF WORK - Hours worked each day, and days worked each week should not exceed the limitations of the country’s law. Overtime where it is required should be voluntary and compliant with local law and requirements and Workers should be compensated fairly in regulation with local law and requirements. Suppliers will provide at least one day off per seven-day period. Full transparency is expected when suppliers are planning employees' daily and weekly schedules. Yu Mei shall ensure sufficient planning as to allow for sufficient timing for safe completion of work.

COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - Suppliers will pay at least the minimum total compensation required by local law, and should pay a living wage to their staff. This includes wages, allowances and benefits. A living wage should allow for a decent standard of living for the worker and their families, and should cover all the necessities of life with some additional income to allow them to be an active part of their community.

HEALTH AND SAFETY - Suppliers should ensure a healthy and safe working environment and residential housing when appropriate, that at minimum, meets requirements of local law. This includes the ability of clean drinking water (at no charge to workers) medical/first aid resources, fire exits and safety equipment, clean restrooms and well lit workspaces that also have temperature control to ensure all staff can perform their jobs safely. These work facilities must be regularly checked and serviced to ensure they are functional. Suppliers should assess and identify any potential health and safety risks, and take all necessary measures to eliminate or reduce them.

PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Any waste whether it be solid, liquid, or gas must be disposed of in a safe manner that complies with all relevant laws. Environment should always be top of mind for all that is undertaken by suppliers, and suppliers should actively and regularly review their outputs and work to minimise their impact on the environment.

NO DISCRIMINATION - Suppliers shall not employ, pay, promote or terminate workers on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. Equal opportunities should be available for all workers without discriminating on the basis of race, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or similar factors such as pregnancy, political views or affiliation, social status etc. Workplaces should respect and celebrate the differences of their workers and provide opportunities to people who may face chronic barriers to employment.

ETHICAL BUSINESS BEHAVIOR - Yu Mei will not tolerate any acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement or bribery. Our partners should always demonstrate respect for key moral principles that include honesty, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

LAWS AND WORKPLACE REGULATIONS - All legal requirements and standards are within the industry under both local and national laws, including rules, ethics, dealing with corruption and transparency, as well as any relevant environmental laws must be adhered to in all instances.