General Care

Our products are made from premium New Zealand deer leather. It is produced locally in Timaru by experts that have honed their craft over the past 40 years to achieve the buttery soft texture of the deer nappa that we are so lucky to be working with. Due to the nature of this natural product, wrinkles and blemishes can feature and should be regarded as hallmarks of premium quality.

The deer nappa, lamb, and suede we use for our bags is of utmost, premium quality. It’s beautifully soft and needs to be handled with care, sort of like how you'd treat your own skin, as it is a skin itself. The lamb we use is of the highest grade and has a buttery soft hand feel. This means the lamb will scratch and develop a beautiful patina over time. Please take extra care to avoid marking your lamb bag.

Our canvas range is made from 65% cotton, 19% linen, and 16% viscose. Due to the texture and light tone of the canvas range, it is imperative that you protect your bag with a waterproofing protector spray before first use, and regularly thereafter.

Natural wear is to be expected with use. We recommend using a leather conditioner every few weeks to ensure you're keeping the leather hydrated, clean, and looking its best and a waterproofing spray that will ward against moisture and give the leather a little barrier to protect it against everyday use.


Using the delicate gel and protector spray regularly will ensure more longevity of your beautiful bag. If you are not confident to do this yourself, please take it to a leather specialist to be cleaned.

We recommend avoiding contact with rough or abrasive surfaces as this can damage the buttery soft leather. Store your bag in the dust bag or box provided when not in use and avoid contact with grease, oil, perfumes, cosmetics, food and drink as this can stain. Please avoid getting caught in the rain with your bag. However if it is exposed to water, let the leather dry naturally and do not use artificial heat to dry it.

*Premium quality does not equate to indestructibility, it equates to the beautiful soft finish of the leather. Therefore please care for your bag accordingly, Yu Mei Ltd is not liable for any abrasion wear as a result of use.

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Please be extra cautious with your light coloured leather bag, as markings or scratches will be more visible than on a darker coloured leather.

To retain the colour quality, we strongly recommend avoiding contact with grease/oil, perfumes, cosmetics, food and drink as this can stain.

Regularly clean the bag with a leather conditioning gel and damp cloth, and apply a leather waterproofing and protecting spray.


Please be wary of the surfaces on which you put your bag on (keep it off the floor!) and avoid contact with rough or abrasive surfaces. Colour transfer from dark clothing can stain light coloured leather so please make sure your denim is colourfast before wearing it with your light coloured bag.

Store the darker leather strap separate from the bag, or inside the bag, when not in use to avoid the strap marking the leather. If you are unsure about cleaning the bag yourself, please take it to a leather specialist to be cleaned.


The Sarah tote and Paris tote styles are lined with a bonded Deer Suede, this luxe suede lining is what gives these styles their structured shape compared to some of our other styles in the range. It's natural for suede to shed fibres or 'lint' during use. You can remedy this by using a suede brush to brush out any excess fibres, 'de-linting' the lining with tape, or applying a suede sealing spray.