‘The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity.’ - Thomas Carlyle

Bespoke design is the epitome of luxury and the ultimate expression of self. A fusion of fashion and function unbound by the conventional constraints of commercial production, we welcome you to realise your creative vision through the art of the bespoke. Presenting the Yu Mei Atelier.

Commission your bespoke work of art, custom-made to your exacting specifications. The stand out centrepiece of your private collection.

Curate your medium, choosing styles and swatches from our Atelier library. Further refine your design with custom initial embossing to make it uniquely your own, tailored to reflect and honour your individuality.

Collaborate with our team of artisans through a personal consultation and be involved in the process of crafting your masterpiece. It’s the ultimate participatory experience culminating in a piece with unique provenance to which you’re intimately connected.

The desire to shift to a model of slow fashion that pays homage to the history of couture houses and their artisans has inspired the Atelier. The Yu Mei Atelier is both an exercise in restraint and a celebration of our master craftsmen.

If you require a modicum of inspiration for your custom design, peruse the moodboards our team have put together when imagining their own dream Atelier pieces below.

How it works

1. Complete the brief questionnaire below to begin the process.

2. Our Atelier Concierge will be in touch to schedule your consultation with an Atelier artisan.

3. Following the consultation, we will present you with a mockup of the final design to confirm the style, colourway(s) and custom embossing.

4. The custom design is finalised once payment is processed through our range of payment methods including secure online fulfilment, over the phone payment and Laybuy or Afterpay.

5. Our Concierge team will provide you with regular updates on the process of crafting your bespoke piece.

6. Upon completion, you will receive your custom Yu Mei Atelier piece. Atelier items can be shipped to you or collected from one of our Lounges.

Would you like to create your own bespoke Yu Mei Atelier piece?